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Electric Stove Coil Top

Electric Stove Coil Top


  • If heating grease or fat be careful, watch it closely, if it gets too hot it may catch fire!
  • DO NOT USE WATER OR FLOUR ON GREASE FIRES! (Smother fire with pan lid, baking soda, or foam type fire extinguisher).
  • DO NOT place any items on top of the stove or near the heating surface elements. (May cause items to ignite on fire or melt!)
  • If something is spilled down into the burners of the stovetop, wait until its cool and then wipe off the mess, otherwise it will smoke when you turn the burners back on.
  • If using the broiler pan DO NOT use the pan without the insert, DO NOT cover the insert with foil, the insert allows grease to drain. (Warning: using the broiler without the insert will leave grease exposed and could ignite on fire!)

CAUTION: If fire occurs inside oven

  1. Close the door
  2. Turn oven OFF

(If fire continues, Use fire extinguisher DO NOT put water or flour on the fire, flour may be explosive).

Cleaning Tips Stove Top:

  • Use soap and water with a washcloth to wipe down stovetop and coil burners.
  • Tougher clean up jobs you will need to remove the coil burner and clean with a washcloth (DO NOT submerge the coil burner into water!).
  • For food stuck on burner (USE baking soda with water to gently scrub residue off)
  • Removable drip pans wipe down or wash in sink if needed.

Note: Don’t forget to replace drip pan first before reattaching coil burner.

Cleaning tips for oven:

  • If you have a Self-Cleaning Option, set it for 1 to 2 hours. Afterward, wipe out leftover ashes with washcloth, soap, and water.
  • If no Self-Cleaning Option then you will have to clean out the oven with a washcloth, soap, and water (You can use a metal spatula to carefully scrape up food then wipe clean. You can also use oven cleaner but DO NOT spray directly in the oven. Spray on the cloth then wipe out the oven)