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Electric Range Flat Top

Kenmore Electric Range Stove
(Flat ceramic stove top)


  • If heating grease or fat be careful, watch it closely, if it gets too hot it may catch fire!
  • DO NOT USE WATER OR FLOUR ON GREASE FIRES! (Smother fire with pan lid, baking soda, or foam type fire extinguisher).
  • DO NOT place any items on top of the stove or near the heating surface elements. (May cause items to ignite on fire or melt!)
  • If something is spilled on top of stove make sure it’s wiped off properly before turning on.
  • If using the broiler pan DO NOT use the pan without the insert, DO NOT cover the insert with foil, the insert allows grease to drain. (Warning: using the broiler without the insert will leave grease exposed and could ignite on fire!)

CAUTION: If fire inside of oven occurs

  1. Close the door
  2. Turn oven OFF
  3. If fire continues, Use fire extinguisher DO NOT put water or flour on the fire, flour may be explosive.

Cleaning Oven: This is a self-cleaning oven

A Self- Cleaning oven cleans itself with high temperatures that will eliminate soils completely or reduce them into a fine powder ash that will then need to be wiped away. Remove broiler pan before selecting the Self-Cleaning button.

(Self-Cleaning cycles: 2 hours-light soils, 3 hours-average soils, 4 hours- heavy soils)

  • DO NOT use oven cleaners in or around any part of a Self-Cleaning oven.
  • DO NOT hand clean gasket or use any cleaning materials on gasket. (Doing so will cause damage)
  • YOU CAN hand clean Door and Frame (Use soap and water to thoroughly clean the top, sides, and front oven door
  • DO NOT immerse oven door with water or Front of door can be cleaned with glass cleaner but DO NOT get spray into the door vents.

Cleaning Stove Top:

  • DO NOT clean the top of stove when it is still HOT.
  • Recommended to clean stove top with CookTop Cleaning Cream, clean with a soft sponge or cloth (DO NOT use a scrubbing brushes or scratch cleaning pad).
  • DO NOT use harsh cleaners on the stove top such as oven cleaner, ammonia, bleach, or abrasive cleaners.