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Protect Your Security Deposit

Protect Your Security Deposit
Read Carefully

We would like for you to get your security deposit back when you move out, so please spend a few minutes to read through the following information before you move in. Keep in mind, the most expensive deductions from your security deposit is carpet damage and cleaning. By taking care throughout the year you can save yourself money at move out time.

  1.  DO NOT USE sticky tape or poster gum (it causes major wall repairs and you will be charged). When hanging items on the wall, you should use nails or thumb tacks. You will need to spackle and sand all holes prior to move out. All shelves and mirrors must be removed prior to move out. If you have shelves of mirrors on your wall when you move in, make sure to note it on your condition report.
  2. DO NOT put any type of sticky tape or nails on the bedroom, bathroom, or closet doors.
  3. DO NOT put duct tape or any other type adhesive on the carpet to hold down cords. The adhesive does not come off of the carpet and may result in damage that requires your carpet to be replaced.
  4. DO NOT store furniture or closet doors on your balcony. They will become weathered and you will be charged for replacements. We cannot remove unwanted furniture; we simply do not have the storage space. If there is a piece of furniture you do not want, you will have to find a place in the apartment to store it.
  5. Broken, stained or burnt furniture will be replaced and you will be charged. We suggest you purchase a mattress pad to protect you mattress. Stained mattress will be replaced and you will be charged.
  6. Pets are prohibited in all building except (303 W. Green or 608 S. State Street) with pre-approved written pet leases and pet fee. If it is discovered you have an illegal pet throughout the year you will be charge $250 pet fine and $20 a day until the animal is removed. In addition, you may be charged for carpet and furniture replacement if there is damage, as well as special cleaning of the apartment and furniture.
  7. Upon move out, your carpets will be cleaned and the charges will be deducted from your security deposit. If the carpet needs to be re-cleaned, requires special treatments, or needs to be replaced, you will be charged accordingly. We recommend you purchase a small throw rug to put inside the front door and inside the balcony door. This will help protect you carpet from heavy soiling from foot traffic. If you spill something, clean it up immediately to avoid set in stains.
  8. If you paint your walls a different color, you must return them to the original color before move out or you will be charged to prime and repaint to the original color. Do not get paint on the carpet, furniture or trim or you will be charged to have it removed. Never paint your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  9. If you install you own lock on the bedroom doors, you will need to switch back to the one we provided before you move out. We suggest you put the lock with all the parts in a large baggy to keep everything together.


Your security deposit will be charged based on the work that we need to do in your apartment. We charge at the following rates:

Cleaning: $35.00/hr

Wall Repair: $45.00/hr

Plumbing & Electrical: $45.00/hr

Carpentry: $45.00/hr

Furniture (Removal, disposal, and delivery) : $45.00/hr.


By spending just a little extra time to get your apartment ready, you can avoid charges and save money. We recommend that you look at our Move-Out Procedures and Cleaning Sheet for more information.