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Gas Stove


  • Be careful when heating grease or fat, watch it closely, if it gets too hot it may catch fire!
  • DO NOT USE WATER OR FLOUR ON GREASE FIRES! (Smother fire with pan lid, baking soda, or foam type fire extinguisher).
  • DO NOT place any items on top of the stove or near the heating surface elements. (May cause items to ignite on fire or melt!)
  • Clean ventilating hood frequently. Grease should not be allowed to accumulate on the hood or filter.
  • When using the broiler pan DO NOT use the pan without the insert, DO NOT cover the insert with foil, the insert allows grease to drain. (Warning: using the broiler without the insert will leave grease exposed and could ignite on fire!)

WARNING: Use proper flame size for safety, place pan with food on burner before turning it on and do not leave unattended.

CAUTION: If fire inside of oven occurs

  • Close the door
  • Turn oven OFF

If fire continues, Use fire extinguisher DO NOT put water or flour on the fire, flour may be explosive.

Cleaning Oven: This is a self-cleaning oven

A Self- Cleaning oven cleans itself with high temperatures that will eliminate soils completely or reduce them into a fine powder ash that will then need to be wiped away. Remove broiler pan before selecting the Self-Cleaning button.

(Self-Cleaning cycles: 2 hours-light soils, 3 hours-average soils, 4 hours- heavy soils)

  • DO NOT use oven cleaners in or around any part of a Self-Cleaning oven.
  • DO NOT hand clean gasket or use any cleaning materials on gasket. (Doing so will cause damage)
  • YOU CAN hand clean Door and Frame (Use soap and water to thoroughly clean the top, sides, and front oven door
  • DO NOT immerse oven door with water or Front of door can be cleaned with glass cleaner but DO NOT get spray into the door vents.

Cleaning Stove Top:

  • Clean the stovetop regularly in order to keep from grease accumulating; pay special attention around burner.
  • Cleaning burner grates use a non-abrasive scrubbing pad with mild cleaner or soap/water (Shut off burner and clean immediately if food is spilled on burner grate.) NOTE: Make sure burner grate is cooled off before cleaning and thoroughly dried before returning it to stove top.