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DO NOT OVER LOAD WASHER OR DRYER. (Over loading the clothes will cause the motor to burn up and will cause your clothes to wash and dry inefficiently!) DO NOT wash or dry items soiled with any type of oil of any kind, it can result in an explosion or fire! (No washer can completely remove oil from clothing).

  • Check your pockets to avoid damage. Make sure you remove pins, buckles, and other hard objects
  • Please do not wash pillows or comforters in front facing units because they are too big and will damage your washer and dryer.
  • To avoid snagging or scratching up the inside of washer close zippers and snaps. (Turning clothes inside out is suggested such as jeans and tops with buttons)
  • Before every use please make sure you are empting out the lent traps. If you do not do not empty your let trap it will make the dryer not work properly and also is an extreme fire hazard. If you do not know where your lent trap is, please look at the fallowing pictures to guide you to the lent trap in your specific unit:

Front loading with kidney shape lent trap:

Front loading with lent trap in front: