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Apartment Maintenance

Apartment Maintenance and Fees

If you have an emergency and it is after office hours, call the office at 217-328-3770 and follow the prompts for an after hour’s operator. They will page out a maintenance man.

Do not email or leave emergency work orders on the answering machine, they will not be received until the next business day.

What is considered an emergency work order?

  • No Heat
  • Clogged toilet (if you only have one toilet in the apartment)
  • Water leaking from ceiling
  • Water flooding onto the floor
  • Lock out
  • Carbon monoxide detector going off

All other maintenance request for you apartment may be reported by calling the office at 217-328-3770 or submitting online at Report maintenance issues as early in the day as possible to insure work orders are taken care of in a timely manner. If you have a leak in your apartment from the roof, or if there is a plumbing issue, please notify the office immediately.

Submit Maintenance Request Online


If you have a fire, call 911 (Do not call the office)

Common Maintenance

  1. DO NOT flush foreign objects as (ex: paper towel, grease, food, or feminine hygiene products) down the toilet.
  • We highly recommend you purchase a toilet plunger to have on hand for emergencies. If the only maintenance we have to do is plunge your toilet you will be charged a $35.00 fee. If your toilet overflows, shut off the water immediately (shut off is behind the toilet).
  • If we have to pull your toilet for a clog due to foreign objects, there will be a $50.00 charge.
  • If you cause a backup in your building by putting grease, food, or other foreign objects in the toilet, you will be charged for the sewer service to repair the lines.
  1. DO NOT use anything but automatic dishwashing soap in the dishwasher. Regular dish soap will cause your dishwasher to suds up and overflow.
  2. DO NOT allow bottle caps, broken glass, large amounts of foods, or any other foreign objects to enter your garbage disposal. Charges will be assessed for repairs if foreign objects are found in the garbage disposal, or you are overloading it, This is not a trash compactor, it is meant for very small amounts of food.
  3. Per your lease, you are responsible to change all of your own light bulbs. If maintenance mush comes out to help you, there will be a $10 charge.
  4. Make sure you close your shower curtain completely and the plastic liner is pulled into the bathtub. This will prevent water from flooding the floor and leaking into the apartments below. If you do not use a shower curtain, you will be responsible for all damage that is caused by that. 
  5. DO NOT pour water or allow water to flood onto your kitchen or bathroom floors. This will cause flooding in the apartments below.
  6. DO NOT stack boxes or personal belongings around your furnace or water heater. This is a fire hazard and will interfere will the operation furnace.
  7. DO NOT allow furniture or personal belonging to press against electric baseboard heaters. This is a fire hazard.
  8. DO NOT turn off your heat in the winter. If you leave town over winter break, make sure your heat is set at 62 degrees with your thermostat left in the “On” position. 


  • Plugged toilet - $35.00
  • Garbage disposal – prices may vary.
  • Lockout fee - $50.00
  • Damage to furniture – prices may vary.
  • Leaks – If you do not report a leak and it causes damage to your apartment you are responsible to pay for any and all damages done to your apartment and any other apartments you may damage.
  • Damage to the building – prices may very
  • Damage to appliances - Any tenant damage not listed on the original condition report. Prices may vary. If you do not keep your utilities on for the full term of the lease and you allow your refrigerator to rot you will be charged to replace the refrigerator.