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AC and Heating

Central Heat and Air:

Your apartment might have central heat/air. When turning on either the air or heat for the season, be sure the thermostat is set correctly and the unit has a clean filter. We change out furnace filters every 90 days with notice prior.

Air Conditioning:

Set thermostat on COOL, and fan on AUTO. Be sure to allow ample time for the unit to cool your apartment. Air conditioner should only be used when outside temperatures are above 60F. Operating the a/c when outside temperatures are lower than 60F can cause the air conditioner unit to freeze up, possibly damaging the unit. If you a/c unit is to stop working due to the weather being cooler than 60F please turn off you’re a/c so it is able to thaw and then call maintenance so they can fix the unit.


Set thermostat on HEAT, and fan on AUTO. Nothing should be placed in the heating closet. Air flow is needed to properly operate the heat and air conditioner.

Non-Central Heat and Air

Wall Unit A/C:

Your apartment might have a window a/c. If your unit is leaking or has “iced up”, please turn it off and turn on the fan for the unit. Place towels under the a/c unit to soak up the water and fill out a maintenance request to have the unit looked at. To prevent this from happening again. Be sure the thermostat is always set about 72 degrees.

Baseboard Heating:

Some apartments are heated by electric baseboard heater. To turn on or adjust the heat, use the dial that is located in the middle of the unit. Do not place furniture, beds or bedding, clothing, ect next to or on top of the baseboard heaters. This is a significant fire hazard.