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Moving Out

Move-Out Procedure

Returning Keys

  • All leases end at 12:00 (noon) on either August 10th or 11th.  Your keys must be returned at that time.  If you are unsure when your lease ends, please refer to the chart at the bottom of this page.
  • All keys must be divided into individual sets and tagged with your building and apartment number before they are turned in.
  • Keys must either be turned into the office or given to the inspector at the time of the walk-thru. Do not leave your keys in the apartment. You will not get credit for keys left in the apartment.
  • Failure to return all sets of keys by the lease end date at 12:00 (noon) will result in a LOCK CHANGE CHARGE and loss of key deposit. (There will be no exceptions.)


If You Schedule a Walkthrough

  • Appointments for walk-thru’s must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.  Time slots fill quickly so call early.
  • Everything must be cleaned and all personal property removed prior to your walk-thru.
  • All sets of keys must be returned to your inspector after your walk-thru.
  • The roommate that is present at the walk-thru will self address an envelope that the security deposit will be mailed to.  Please discuss ahead of time which roommate is to receive the deposit. **Security deposits will be one check made out to all tenants on the lease unless otherwise specified, see the "Security Deposits" section for options**


If You Do Not Schedule a Walkthrough

  • All keys, elevator fobs, and garage door openers will need to be returned to the office by 12:00 (noon) on the last day of your lease or you will incur a LOCK CHANGE CHARGE and the loss of your key deposit (There will be no exceptions)
  • You must stop by the office to self address an envelope that the security deposit will be mailed to.  If no envelope is filled out, we will send the deposit to the permanent home address of the 1st person listed on the status report.
  • We will do a walk-thru of your apartment after 12:00 (noon) on your lease end date.


Security Deposits

Security deposits will be mailed 30 days after the last day of your lease.  Unless prior arrangements have been made with the office, we will issue one check in the names of all the tenants on the lease.  Other choices for security deposits are as follows:

  • Release Security Deposit in One Name - The security deposit check will be issued in one tenant’s name.  They will also receive an itemized list of any deductions in order to split the shares appropriately.  That person will assume the responsibility to distribute the shares to each roommate.  This option is useful when you have roommates moving to different states or out of the country.  Forms may be picked up at the office or downloaded from our website.  The forms must be completed and returned prior to the last day of your lease. Click here to download the form.
  • Security Deposit Release in Individual Names - The security deposit will be split into equal shares with each tenant receiving their own check. All charges will also be divided equally (No Exceptions).  There is a $10.00 per check fee to split the deposit this way.  Forms may be picked up in the office and must be completed and returned prior to the last day of your lease. Click here to download the form.
  • Security Deposit Checks - Once security deposit checks have been mailed out, there will be a $10.00 per check fee if the checks need to be re-issued for any reason. If the original check cannot be sent back to the office there will be a $35.00 stop payment fee.


Utilities & Mail

  • Call utility companies to have the utilities taken out of your name as of the last day of your lease.  We cannot do this for you since the account is in your name.  If you do not have the utilities taken out of your name, you will continue to be charged until you do.
  • Don’t forget to forward your mail.  You will need to go to the post office to do this.  Once you have moved out and returned keys you will not be permitted to check out a mail key in order to check your old mail box.

When does my lease end?

August 10th

52 E. Green
54 E. Green
56 E. Green
58 ½ E. Green
55 E. Healey
56 ½ E. Green
106 S. Coler                                                     
403 E. Green
406 E. Green
408 E. Green
410 E. Green
505 S. Fourth
605 S. First
607 S. First
608 S. State
624 S. Fifth
713 S. Sixth
805 S. Fourth
911 S. Locust
1106 W. Stoughton
1109 W. Stoughton

August 11th

58 E. Green
301 W. Green
303 W. Green
307 W. Green
508 E. Clark
1107 S. Second

August 11th

202 E. Green
519 E. Green
619 S. Wright
621 E. Green