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Move Out Information

Move-Out Procedure

1. All leases end at 12:00 (NOON) on either August 9th or 10th depending on the building you live in. Your keys, fobs, and garage remotes must be returned at that time. If you are unsure when your lease ends, please call the Bankier Office.

a. All keys must be divided into individual sets and tagged with your name, building and apartment number before they are turned in. You will not
get credit for loose keys.
b. Keys must either be turned in to the Bankier Office. Do not leave your keys in the apartment or mail them to the office.
c. Failure to return all sets of keys by the lease end date at 12:00 (noon) will result in a LOCK CHANGE CHARGE and loss of key deposit. (THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS).
d. You should have received an email with a link to a google form to submit your forwarding address or you can fill a forwarding address form out in the office.

2. Walk-thru inspection of your apartment:

a. Your apartment should be thoroughly cleaned and ready for inspection.
Cleaning sheets are available in the office or online in the “Tenant Handbook. Cleaning is the most expensive charge so take time and clean your apartment.
b. All personal property must be removed prior to your walk-thru inspection. We are not responsible for any item left in the apartment. Abandoned items will be thrown away and you will be charged a disposal fee of $50 per item/ bag.
c. Walk-thru inspections will be preformed within 24 hours after receiving the last set of keys.

3. Security deposits:

a. Security deposit checks will be mailed out 30 days after the last day of your lease. All joint leases will receive one security deposit check issued in one of the tenants names *All residents must agree and sign a release for stating who will receive the check and be responsible to disbursing all shares accordingly
b. Release Security Deposit in One Name – The security deposit check will be issued in one tenant’s name. That person will assume the responsibility to distribute the shares to each roommate. They will also receive an itemized list of any deductions in order to split the shares appropriately. This option is useful when you have roommates moving to different states or out of the country. Forms will be emailed to you but may also be picked up in the office and must be completed and returned prior to the last day of your lease.
c. Once security deposit checks have been mailed out, there will be a $10.00 per check fee if the checks need to be re-issued for any reason. If the check is not returned to be re-issued there will be a $35.00 fee to stop payment fee.

4. Other important information:

a. If the utilities are in your name, you must call the utility company (Ameren Illinois) to have the utilities taken out of your name as of the last day of your lease. We cannot do this for you since the account is in your name. If you do not have the utilities taken out of your name, you will continue to be charged until you do.
b. Don’t forget to forward your mail. You can go to the post office or go online and fill out a change of address form. Once you have moved out
and turned in keys you will no longer be permitted access to the mailboxes. Also please make sure you do not have any packages sent to this address as well.