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Early Move Out Option

The early move-out option is designed for those residents that plan to be gone over the summer, graduating, leaving the country or just do not want to sublet their apartment. The advantage to the early move-out option is you can use your security deposit (money you have already paid) as your June 14th rent and turn off all your utilities.   You are still paying 12 month’s rent but you will have no further out-of-pocket expenses to pay. This is how it works:

**If you are a sublet, you will not be eligible for the early move-out option without the original lessee’s signature. In addition, if you did not pre-pay your last month’s rent call the office for information on eligibility.**

  1. You must fill out an “Early Move Out Option Form” and return it to the Bankier Office with all residents’ signatures on or before June 1st, 2022. This is an all or nothing deal, the whole apartment must participate. You must be completely moved out of your apartment on or before June 14th, 2022.
  2. Walk-thru Inspection: You must call to schedule an appointment for your final walk-thru inspection at least 24 hours prior to your move-out day. Keep in mind if you are moving out on a weekend, we have limited office hours on Saturdays, and the office is closed on Sundays. Time slots fill up quickly so call early.
  3. All personal belongings must be out of the apartment in order to do a final walk-thru inspection. You must be ready to turn in ALL sets of keys at the end of the final walk-thru inspection.
  4. Utilities: You may have all the utilities taken out of your name as of the day all keys are returned to the Bankier Office and your rent is paid in full. If you have the utility package, you will still need to pay for the June 15th utility fee. (Utility packages are based on a 12-month average).
  5. Sanitary Fee: You will still be responsible for your June 15th sanitary fee.
  6. Water Fee: For buildings that pay $15.00 a month for water, you will still be responsible for the June 15th water fee.
  7. Parking: If you have a parking spot, you will either need to sublet your spot or pay the remainder of the lease. Parking leases are separate from apartment leases. Sublet forms are available in the office. All garage openers must be turned in to the office or at the final walk-thru inspection or you will lose your deposit.
  8. Keys: You will be charged for a lock change and lose your entire key deposit if all sets of keys are not turned in to the Bankier Office by your move-out date. Do not mail in your keys, there is a drop slot in the door of the Bankier Office. If you use the drop slot, please put your keys in an envelope with your name, building, and apartment number written on the front. If you are the last roommate to turn in your keys, please make sure your EMO (Early Move out) form has been turned into the office.
  9. Elevator Fob: You will lose your elevator FOB deposit for each device that is not turned in by your scheduled move-out date.
  10. Cleaning: Since we are using your security deposit for your June’s rent, you must leave your apartment clean and undamaged. Cleaning sheets listing all required cleaning are available in the office or on our website. Any charges for cleaning, carpet shampooing, or damages will be deducted from your key deposit and interest. If these charges should exceed your key deposit and interest, then you will be notified by mail. You should fill out an envelope in the office for your final statement to be mailed in. 

If you do not take advantage of the early Move out option, your security deposit will be mailed 30 days after your lease ends in August. Unless otherwise specified, it will be one check with all lessee’s name on it. If you have any other questions, please contact the Bankier Office.

Thank you,

Bankier Apartments Management