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Cleaning Sheet


Move-Out Cleaning Checklist


The two most expensive potential charges against your security deposit are cleaning charges and carpet damages. Regardless of what your apartment looked like when you moved in, it is expected to be clean when you move out. Cleaning issues will NOT be considered normal wear under any circumstances. If a cleaning crew must be sent in your apartment there will be a minimum of 1 hour charge at $45.00 per hour. Broom clean is not clean. To avoid these charges spend a little extra time preparing for move-out.

As required by your lease, you will be responsible for the cost of carpet cleaning which will be performed after you move out by a carpet cleaner of the Landlords choosing. Renting a cleaner or using your personal carpet cleaner is not sufficient.

Please be sure the following are thoroughly cleaned:


  1. Wipe down light fixtures, ceiling fan blades and sweep ceiling around fan.
  2. Replace any burnt out light bulbs throughout your apartment.
  3. Sweep and mop all floors. Vacuum all carpets and wipe down baseboards.
  4. Clean inside all windows, window sills, and tracks. Wipe down all blinds.
  5. Clean all vents.
  6. Remove any hooks, mounted mirrors, etc. that you have installed. Properly patch large holes including excessive nail holes.
  7. Washer/Dryer
  8. If you have painted your wall, you must repaint it back to the original color or you will be charged. There is paint available at the office. 


  1. Oven should be completely cleaned, including broiler drawers (all residues must be wiped out).
  2. Clean stovetop, back panel, dials, front and sides of stove.
  3. Drip pans must be cleaned including area under drip pans (stove top lifts up).
  4. Exhaust fan or micro-hood should be free from grease and dirt. If you have a standard microwave it should be cleaned inside and out.
  5. Refrigerator should be cleaned inside and out (including shelves and under the crisper drawers). Don’t forget the top of the refrigerator.
  6. Dishwasher should be wiped out including around the inside of the door. 
  7. Cabinets and drawers should be completely emptied and wiped down inside and out. Make sure outside of cabinets are free of grease. 
  8. Clean all countertop surfaces. 
  9. Clean sink and faucet fixtures.
  10. Sweep and mop kitchen floor. 


  1. Vanity and medicine cabinet should be cleaned, including shelves and mirror.
  2. Shower doors, if applicable, should be cleaned so all of the soap scum is removed. Please remove shower curtain.
  3. The bathtub, shower walls, and fixture should be cleaned and free of soap scum.
  4. Thoroughly clean toilet inside and out, including around the base.
  5. Clean soap dish and wipe down towel bars.
  6. Wipe down walls and ceiling (should be free of hair and hair spray).
  7. Wipe down light fixtures, electrical outlet covers, and light outlet covers.
  8. Sweep and mop floor.

Living Room

  1. Vacuum sofa, chair and loveseat including under the cushions.
  2. Wipe down coffee table, end tables, dining table, and dining table chairs.
  3. Wipe off blinds and clean inside windows. Wipe off window sills.
  4. Clean light fixtures and covers.
  5. Clean walls, ceilings, and corners.
  6. Wipe down front door and around the door frame.
  7. Wipe down electrical outlet covers and light switch covers.


  1. Wipe down baseboards.
  2. Clean walls, ceilings, and corners.
  3. Clean out closets (including coat hangers) and wipe down shelves.
  4. Wipe off desk and dresser. Clean out and wipe out all drawers.
  5. Vacuum under beds.
  6. Wipe down light fixtures. 
  7. Wipe off blinds and clean inside of windows
  8. If you have taken the wheels off your bed frames, you must put them back on. Missing wheels will result in a replacement bed frame at your cost.


  1. Remove all trash, debris, furniture, doors, concrete blocks, etc. from the patio/balcony, and dispose of properly.
  2. Any trash that must be removed from your apartment will be charged at $25.00 per bag.
  3. Cleaning is charged directly back to the tenant at $35.00 per hour. 


***This list is for reference only and not intended to be all inclusive***