What's Available

Security Deposit



The security deposit is due upon the signing of the lease.  We cannot reserve an apartment for you without a signed lease.

If you would like to pay your security deposit online, you may do so using the online payment system below.  This is a third-party system and service charges will apply.  Please read the prompts carefully to see what service charges are applied.

Please note there will be a $25.00 charge for check s returned due to insufficient funds.


Pay Online

Make a payment online using your credit card or checking account. Please contact us for assistance. Online payment options are credit card with the 3% or checking account with $2 fee.


Due to credit card processing costs there will be a 3.0% added charge to all credit card payments. Add the total value of 3.0% from your current rent in the tax field. ($1000.00 x 3.0% = $30.00 in the tax field)

Directly transfer funds from your checking account.