• February 28th, 2022
    By Bankier Apartments

    How to keep your apartment clean at all times

    lIt’s like a never-ending circle. The moment you leave the house, the mess appears out of nowhere – or so it seems. Sometimes, trying too hard to maintain a clean home doesn’t give the best results. You need to know the proper techniques and waste no time, energy, and cleaning supplies. Trust your friends at Bankier Apartments – it’s easy to keep your apartment clean at all times. Here are the best methods to achieve that. 

    Be smart instead of trying too hard

    It’s all about keeping your home clean, right? Well, that means you don’t let dirt or mess pile up. You need to change your attitude towards cleaning your home. The key to success is regular maintenance. You should do a few tasks every day that don’t take away a lot of your time. This will save you a lot of time as you won’t have to do thorough cleaning for hours after the dirt piles up. It’s about simple steps you should include into your everyday routine when living at Bankier Apartments that will undoubtedly keep your home tidy and clean all the time.

    • Make your bed as soon as you get up. Even though you’ll go to bed again in the evening, placing the covers and pillows neatly will protect your sheets from dust but also make the room look tidy.

    • Wipe surfaces you use the most – these include your bedside table, coffee table, kitchen counter, bathroom sink, etc. Use a natural cleaning solution that you can pour in a less noticeable spray bottle and keep it within reach at all times.

    • Throw out the trash more often – keep the bad smells out of your apartment by taking away some portion of the trash whenever you go out. 

    A clean bathroom
    In order to keep your apartment with Bankier, clean at all times, focus on the frequently used surfaces first.

    Keep all the bad smells out

    A clean home has a fresh, pleasant smell, right? Well, sometimes regular cleaning doesn’t help that. Apart from taking away the trash, make sure you locate all the other odor sources in your home. These can be different – pet odors from their bed or toys, ashtrays, sewer odors, etc. Try to locate and fix them so you can enjoy a fresh home after cleaning. 

    Make sure everything has its place

    To have a tidy and clean home, you need to put every item away. However, everything that doesn’t have its place in the house will become clutter and mess. Invest in some additional storage options, baskets, drawers, and shelves to ensure all the items in your home have their place. This will make it easier to put away things right after using them, keeping your apartment tidy and clean all the time.

    Schedule your tasks

    Another smart way to maintain a spotless home without getting overwhelmed is scheduling regular cleaning tasks during the week. Let each day be the day for a specific chore that you won’t skip. A schedule will help you have more free time on weekends, ensuring cleaning and washing doesn’t accumulate. And don’t worry if that happens sometimes – you can always hire experts to do it for you. By hiring professional cleaners, you can focus on your work or go on a vacation peacefully. 

    Mop and vacuum the floors regularly

    Invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner that’s simple and easy to use. This way, you’ll have no troubles with using it daily and keeping your floors dust and dirt free. Also, get a powerful mop that will save you time when moping the floors and pair it with a disinfectant solution for maximum results. 

    Have less items to clean

    Take a look around your home – are there some items that don’t fit or belong there? Decluttering can be very helpful in maintaining a tidy and clean house. Get rid of all the things you no longer need or use, and clear up your apartment for easier maintenance. Clutter will also help you clear your mind. A clutter-free and organized home helps you be more focused and creative but also less tired from cleaning. However, don’t just throw away everything you don’t need anymore – see if you can sell, donate or even recycle and have some benefit of this task.

    Remember: these decluttering sessions should also remind you to shop more wisely. Think before buying something new and get rid of the old item before bringing a new one. 

    A person dusting to keep your apartment clean at all times
    It’s about being organized and efficient – the only way to keep your apartment clean at all times.

    Update your cooking routine

    Everyone loves preparing food and enjoying it with their loved ones. However, the part that comes next is what we all want to skip. Cleaning after all the cooking and eating can be so overwhelming – especially if you need to take a rest after a tasty meal. You can partially reduce the work by cleaning as you’re cooking. Once you’re finished with a dish, pan, or utensils, wash them quickly and put them away. Also, don’t waste any time – you can clear up the kitchen or wash some dishes while waiting for those vegetables to cook. 

    Do smaller portions of laundry

    Piled-up laundry is difficult to deal with, especially in the evening when you’re tired and ready for bed. We suggest doing laundry in smaller portions before you go to work or have breakfast in the morning. After you’re done eating and preparing everyone for school and work – put those clothes in the dryer and have them ready when you get back in the evening. 

    A person holding a laundry basket
    Don’t let laundry pile up – do smaller bits each day.

    Make it a nighttime routine

    Even 10 to 15 minutes of clearing up the mess or cleaning before you go to bed can make a difference. For example, when you finish with your nighttime self-care routine, make sure to wipe the sink and put away the bathroom counter. This will ensure you have a clean bathroom in the morning and more time to get ready for work. You can also ask the kids to put away their toys, shoes, etc., while you clear up the coffee table or put away the dishes from the sink. It’s how you keep your apartment clean at all times – be sure to try it out! Stay tuned for more helpful post from your friends at Bankier Apartments.com