• February 2nd, 2022
    By Bankier Apartments

    Storage Ideas for Your College Apartment

    If you've lived in a college dorm before, you already know what it's like to struggle with little to no storage space. Living in a college apartment is just like that, sometimes with a bit more storage space. It's still tough to fit all your belongings in such a small space without it looking too cluttered. Luckily for you, we’ve prepared a list of some of the best storage ideas for your college apartment. Some of these are real game-changers.

    Start With Decluttering

    There’s no point in trying to find storage space for all of your belongings if you don’t declutter regularly. If you just leave the useless things and junk lying around your apartment, you will not only irritate your roommate, but you also won’t be able to focus on your study materials. So, for better concentration and home organization, make sure you regularly declutter your apartment.

    Furthermore, if you pick a good roommate for your college apartment, you can get them to regularly declutter their part of the apartment as well. That way, your home will always look organized and presentable, and you won’t waste time looking for things you need. Moreover, you’ll be able to have your friends over any time of the day (or night).

    Find Practical Furniture

    When you’re moving into your college apartment, chances are this is your first apartment away from your parents - and that’s exciting! One less exciting thing about it is that you have to get your own furniture and decorate the place. However, if you’re smart about finding good, practical furniture, you can get a ton of plentiful storage space. For example, you can buy a bed with interior storage space for bedding. This option is fantastic because blankets and pillows usually take up a lot of space. And, if you decide to have your bedding always made on your bed, you can simply use that storage space in your bed for other stuff such as winter clothes during summer or the other way around.

    Organize Your Desk

    Many people underestimate the power of an organized desk. It’s simple: an organized desk can fit so much more notebooks, textbooks, highlighters, and pens than an unorganized one. So, if you decide to use desk organizers or trays, you can fit so many school supplies with no issues. On the other hand, you can also use things like glasses or jars to keep your pens and highlighters organized and create even more space inside your drawers and cabinets.

    Books on a shelf
    Use shelves to maximize your storage space and utilize the free vertical space in your home.

    Take Advantage Of Vertical Space

    If you're living in a small college apartment, one of the best storage ideas out there is to utilize vertical space as much as you can. Instead of having a lot of empty walls or wasting your walls on mediocre art, you can use them to create more storage space. For example, you can get shelves and hanging baskets to store everything from your college books and materials to beauty accessories and clothes. Shelves come in particularly handy because they're suitable for storing a variety of things, and you can always find and easily reach whatever it is that you're looking for. Moreover, nicely decorated shelves can look great in a room, and they don't even cost much.

    If you are dreaming about those higher-end shelves but can't afford them right now, you can always try to save money on utilities. If you try to take shorter showers, unplug the electronics and turn off the lights when you don't need them, you can save some extra cash and buy the shelves you like. In return, they will look great on your wall and create the storage space you desperately need.

    When In Doubt - Add Hooks

    Hooks are another great idea to create more storage space in your small college apartment. So, when you run out of storage space - put up hooks. You can get them at almost any home supply store, and they can be pretty cheap and versatile. You can use them to hang your towels, coats, and all types of clothes and bags when you run out of storage space in your closet.

    However, one thing you should consider when moving to college should be the amount of clothes you'll need. If you pack the clothes for the current season only, you won't have to add more hooks to every available surface, so you get enough space for your clothes. So, when you're moving for the first time and want to relocate with ease, make sure you pack lightly when it comes to clothes. You can always ask your parents to send you more clothes or take more clothes when you visit them for Christmas.

    Coats and a bag hanging from hooks
    Hooks are great for hanging up clothes and bags in your small apartment.

    Make the Most of Your Under-Bed Storage

    A fantastic and extremely common storage strategy is to use hidden storage space under your bed. Although mattresses in dorm rooms tend to be elevated to provide room for storage bins, drawers, or boxes, they might not be the same in your college apartment. However, if the underside of the mattress doesn't touch the floor, you can still use this space for storage. You can stack the textbooks and notebooks you're currently not using or even storage boxes with clothes and other belongings. Because these things are under your bed, they won't look like clutter and won't be visible to anyone who's not specifically looking for them. However, if you decide on this method, make sure you give this space proper dusting every once in a while.

    Boxes before moving
    Try to have your storage space in mind when moving to your college apartment.

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes to storage ideas for your college apartment, it’s all about finding creative and practical ways to fit as much as your stuff in a small space. Things like shelves and hooks are no-brainers, but they do the trick so well! Plus, if you put slightly more effort in, they can also look great. On the other hand, using the space under your furniture as storage space may not seem like the most practical option, but it also gets the job done.