• June 21st, 2021
    By Bankier Apartments

    10 Best Pets for Busy College Students

    College can be fun and exciting but also be complex and annoying at the same time. As long as your apartment complex allows for it you should consider getting an animal.

    A pet to help you in the course of the challenging days can give you the ultimate college experience.

    If you are a university pupil residing in a dorm or an on- or off-campus house, your home may have strict guidelines about which kinds of pets are allowed. Thankfully, there are a lot of dorm-friendly, low-maintenance pets accessible so that you can love on them as you get through classes. (Just make sure to check your housing community's pet guidelines first!) We have rounded up 10 of the most useful pets for school students, so even if you might be a future fish proprietor or prefer to snuggle up with a hamster, you're bound to locate the best pet for you. Just make sure your animal fits into the following guidelines:

    • Quiet
    • Low-maintenance, so they don't interfere with your studies and responsibilities
    • Able to stay in a dorm-friendly or apartment enclosure when you're not there
    • Last but not least: Easy to clean after

    Check out our awesome list below

    • Fish
    • Gerbils
    • Hermit Crabs
    • Hamster
    • Turtle
    • Lizard
    • Snake
    • Chinchilla
    • Hedgehog
    • Birds

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