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  • December 4th, 2019
    By Bankier Apartments

    When Is The Best Time To Renew My Lease?

    According to Renthop.com, December is one of the best times to lease an apartment. On a college campus, finding housing can often be very competive due to the thousands of students all looking to score the top apartments. We have over 30 locations are Champaign-Urbana Campustown, and are one of the hgihest rated apartment leasing companies around. Competition between students for our apartments can be fierce, but we're here to help make sure everyone gets the perfect apartment for their indivudal needs. Here's a few reasons why December and the winter months are a great time to lease an apartment. 

    1. Less Competition

    Winter is a great time to lease an apartment. There is often less competiton for the apartments you look at since the majority of students search for apartments during the summer months. It may be easier to score an apartment that meets all your needs during this time, instead of when everyone else is looking. 

    2. The Holiday Season 

    The holidays are usually a wonderful time for most people. Spending time with friends and family, making great memories, and traveling make the holiday season special. However, there's also Exams, cold and flu season, winter weather, and a few other negative aspects that make winter and the holidays a little less pleasant. While these things can be unpleasant for most people, they could actually help you out in your search for an apartment. If you can brave the cold, you might have a chance at finding the perfect apartment for you- and with less competiton. Most people prefer to look around for an apartment during the nicer months of the year, so winter could be your golden opportunity. 

    3. Winter Break

    Less people on UIUC campus means less competition for the apartments you desire. If you can stick around for a few extra days after exam week, you'll have less people on campus to compete with. 


    There really isn't ever a bad time to lease an apartment with Bankier Apartments, but leasing during the winter months could mean you'll have less competiton for the apartments you like the most. To contact us for an apartment showing, please click here to contact us or email us at info@bankierapts.com

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