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  • September 25th, 2019
    By Bankier Apartments

    Why Choose To Live In An Apartment?


    • Utilities Included - The Internet, telephone, cable, water, and electricity is typically free in a dorm while it usually is additional in an apartment. At Bankier, we do offer some unique options when it comes to utilities, including a flat rate utlities package on select apartments.  Some colleges may charge a small connection fee for cable or Internet, but it is often not as expensive as what you might pay when living in many apartments.

    • Social Life – Many college dorms have activities that are geared towards helping students meet new friends. There is usually alwways some sort of activity happening in the dorm, or around the dorm.  Maybe this is a club activity, football game, dorm meetup, game night, or ice-cream social. Don’t forget, most campus activities are also free to students

    • Less Chores – Many students who live on-campus also purchase a meal plan with their school. This means you don’t have to cook or clean any dishes, and the college may also provide cleaning services for the common areas and community bathrooms, which can be a huge plus. If you live in an apartment, expect to do everything yourself, or split roles with your roommates. 

    • Free Amenities – Depending on the dorm that you live in there could be certain amenities that are provided, such as ping-pong tables, pool tables, etc. Not all dorms have these items, but some do, and they are almost always free to use. In addition to having certain amenities, you can be sure that your friends don't live very far away, so meeting up to hang out is never a problem. 



    • Privacy – Privacy in a dorm is nearly impossible, unless you spend extra money to live in a private room (in which case you might as well have gotten an apartment). Apartments provide much more privacy, even if you decide to have a roommate split the costs with you.

    • Fewer Rules – In most dorms, there are a strict set of rules and can even be a curfew. When you live in an apartment, you can come and go as you please, and with far less restrictions. 

    • Space - Your apartment is going to have more space than a dorm room would. You'll most likely have a full kitchen, a living room, a bedroom or multiple bedrooms, and a private bathroom. In the dorm, you’ll barely have enough space for a bed and a desk.

    • Food is Cheaper – In almost all cases, purchasing your own groceries is going to be cheaper than getting a campus dining plan. If you live in a dorm and have a meal plan,  you have fewer options for meals and you are at the mercy of the cafeteria’s hours. Living in an apartment gives you the option of more menu choices and you can eat whenever you feel hungry.

    • Guests – You won’t have to ask permission of the RA or your roommate to have a guest over for dinner or to spend the night. It is also easier to host get-togethers off-campus, but you want to be considerate of the apartment you are leasing as well as your neighbors. They won't take too kindly to loud music or other distubances. 


    Living in the dorm can be a good choice for those who have never been away from home, as there is some aspect of oversight due to the RA's and school regulations. Keep in mind that most colleges require students to leave the campus during long breaks, which means that if you're an international student or do not have anywhere to go for the holidays, you'll have to find a temporary living arrangement. 

    For those who would like more freedom and privacy, apartment living is the best option. Some college apartment communities are actually cheaper than on-campus housing fees and many even include the utilities in the monthly rental fee. Bankier apartments offers many different options and price points, so you can be sure to find an apartment that fits your exact needs. Just be sure you have reliable transportation and can stick to a budget. Unlike your college housing fee, your rent and utility bills will be due every month.

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