• August 5th, 2019
    By Bankier Apartments

    4 Tips For Saving Money On Utilities While Renting An Apartment

    1.  Kitchen Energy Tips

    The kitchen is often one of the warmest rooms in the whole apartment due to the use of dishwashers and the oven/stove. In warm months, it's recommended that these devices be used as little as possible during the day, and instead used mostly in the early morning and evening hours. This can help reduce the cost of AC, since your AC unit won't have to work as hard to coll the apartment down. Also, if your apartment is equipped with a dishwasher, you can save more money by disabling the second rinse and heat cycles, allowing the dishes to airdry instead. Another way to reduce kitchen related costs in warmer months would be the open and close the oven quickly after baking, so as to reduce the heat escaping from the oven. 

    2.  Smart Power Strips 

    Since we live in the 21st century, most apartments have a lot of appliances and gadgets plugged in. TV's, microwave, desktops computers, chargers, etc. Whether these devices are being used or not, they still consume energy. There is a really cool device that you can get to cut down on these "energy vampires". Smart Power Strips are designed to save energy and money by shutting fown the energy flow when these items are not being used. They cost around $40, have multiple outlets you can plug into, have surge protection, and also power down connected devices when they are not being used. This can help cut down on monthly expenses. 

    3.  Controlling Heating and Cooling Costs

    Depending on the age of the apartment building, there may be a traditional thermostat installed or a smart thermostat. Regardless of the type, lowering the thermostat by one degree can reduce energy costs by 3 percent. 

    Every small change in energy consumption can make a difference in monthly utility costs. While upgrades are certainly helpful, habits can make a huge difference when they’re consistent. If you’re looking to help the environment or just want save a little bit more every month, these changes can get you headed in the right direction.

    4.  Water Wise Conservation Tips

    Many apartment communities include water with rental rates as an amenity, so low-flow shower heads and toilets are likely already installed to minimize water use. However, some steps renters can take to further reduce water use and energy costs include:

    • Doing laundry in large loads and using cold water.
    • Running the dishwasher only when it’s full adjusting settings to shut off second rinse cycles and heat drying.
    • Keeping showers short or taking baths in lieu of showers to expend less water.
    • Collecting rainwater in buckets to use for watering plants. It’s free, and plants prefer it over tap water.



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