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  • June 27th, 2019
    By Bankier Apartments

    How To Pick A Good Roommate


    Before you even begin your search for a roommate, you have to decide what your expectations are for the relationship. Some college students want a best friend that will go with them to parties and movies, while others just want a roommate who will pay the rent on time, clean their own dishes, and leave them alone. You might want to live with someone with similar interests, or someone who is interested in different things so that they can expose you to new ideas. Regardless, you have to determine what you're looking for before you begin your roommate search. 


    You and your roommate do not have to be clones of each other, but it's still very important that your temperments match. If you enjoy parties and socializing, but your roommate like quiet nights with a good book, you may not be the best fit for each other. This is something that is very important for you to consider, because you don't want to be miserable for the length of your lease. 


    Something that you should consider before you finalize your roommate agreement is your schedule. You may want a roommate whose schedule aligns with yours, allowing the two of you to work together and hang out from time to time. Alternately, you might want a roommate on a different schedule, allowing you some time to have the apartment to yourself. Either way, there are benfits and drawbacks to each. You might not have as much privacy if your roommate is always around, and you or your roommate may end up waking each other up if the other person is coming in at a much later time than you. 


    Your best friend from high school may seem like the perfect roommate, but if they already owe you money, renting with them may be problematic. The same goes for your new roommate. Pick a roommate that you're confident is able to pay their share of the rent. At Bankier Apartments, we do offer individual lease options on select apartments, which can cut out some of the risk on your part. A roommate who has a steady job is more reliable than a student relying on their parents for all their money.


    Depending on your cleaning habits, this might not matter to you. For some people, a clean dorm or apartment is extremely important to their mental well-being. Others don't mind some clutter. If you and your roommate have opposite expectations of cleanliness, arguments about the state of your living quarters are likely to erupt at any minute. Try to avoid rooming with someone who is messy if you prefer to keep a tidy environment. 


    To avoid messy situations, it is best to room with someone who is willing to talk about how to share responsibilities. Even if you do have a roommate who communicates well with you, always confirm information. For example, if your roommate says he paid the rent, double check your online rent portal to be sure. Living with someone who communicates well is a huge plus to your roommate relationship. You and your roommate will be responsible for maintaining your apartment or dorm; no one else will step up to clean up your messes or pay your rent. 


    Follow these guidlines and you're well on your way to having a great relationship with your new roommate! 

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