• May 23rd, 2019
    By Bankier Apartments

    5 Advantages Of Living In A Bankier Apartment

    1. Privacy

    Your dorm room may have a door that can be shut to make sure none of your things get stolen, but that's pretty much the extent of your privacy.  Most likely, you'll also be sharing your room with a complete stranger. While this can sometimes work out well and a new friend will be made, it often can be quite uncomfortable. 

    That's not the end of your potentially uncomfortable situations. At University of Illinois, most dorms have shared toilets and showers, which means you could be doing all of your business with an audience. This is another great benefit of having your own Bankier Apartment- no shared showers or bathrooms. 

    2. Freedom

    Dorm's have rules. And to be fair, so do apartment complexes- but when it comes to rules in dorms, they tend to be a bit more restrictive. Although dorm rules and regulations on U of I Campus may vary by building, it’s not uncommon to deal with curfews, gender restrictions, and other typical bans. You will also have to expect visits from your RA and possibly even the dean from time to time. 

    We're not saying you won't have a few rules or regulations when you sign a lease to rent an apartment. Every apartment leasing company has their own set of rules. You clearly won't be able to cause property damage or disturb neighbors with parties that last all throughout the night – common sense stuff. You will, however, have a lot more freedom when it comes to the hours you keep, the guests you have, and your lifestyle in general.

    3. Kitchen and Bathroom

    As we mentioned above, the bathrooms in dorms are often shared with other people. While you might split an apartment with a roommate or two, you’ll still get to use the toilet and shower all by yourself- a luxury most dorm students do not have. 

    In addition to being able to use the bathroom in private, you’ll have a full kitchen. So, instead of relying on microwave to cook your Ramen noodles, you can use a stove instead. All this means that you can save some money by cooking at home, and better manage your personal diet. 

    4. Cost

    Living in a dorm isn't cheap, so if you think you’re going to save money living in campus housing, think again. Prices vary by campus and surrounding areas, but most apartments near University of Illinois actually cost less than living in the dorm. You'll have to get a roommate or two to save on some of the cost, but you can always pick your roommates (unlike dorm living), so it ends up being an enjoyable experience instead of a nightmare (like dorm living).

    5. Choose Your Roomies

    Many campuses, including UIUC, will try to honor requests for rooming with a specific person. However, if you don't know anyone attending the same college at the same time, the university will pair up students in dorm rooms based on questionnaires. With an apartment, you have the opportunity to find roommates that are a perfect fit, ensuring the most comfortable and enjoyable living arrangement.